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November 12, 2014, 11 : 55 AM

Press Meet aims at publishing the noval intentions of any endeavour. Here, Jyothis College, intend, a press meet on Nov 10th 2014 as the publishing of Tech-Tatva season-6. We started the initial announcing of Tech-Tatva at 10.30am at Our College. Our Principal, Prof.A.M.Varghese addressed the media representatives(Asianet, ACV, Rashtra Deepika,Malayalamanorama, Mathruboomi, Desabhimani, Mangalam, Janayugam, Chandrika etc.) and explained the need of exhibition. He channelled them to the details of each stalls which was cleverly done by the students. Students became very confident at this very act; the attention of the media, as the felt need of publicity of Our Mega Event.